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We want to be a safe haven for women considering abortion and pregnant women facing difficult or vulnerable circumstances.

Pregnancy is a uniquely vulnerable time for most women. In situations where women face unintended pregnancies, difficult relationships, or lack of support from their partner or family, it can be even more daunting. Our goal is to meet pregnant women where they are. We are here to support them and do anything we can to enable them to carry a healthy pregnancy to a healthy birth. We are committed to loving moms and their children well, seeking their spiritual, physical, mental and relational well-being to the greatest extent that we are able. Specifically, we commit to the following for each woman who comes to us seeking help:


We will listen with care and compassion

We will connect you to prenatal care

We will do our best to meet yours and your baby’s material needs, i.e. maternity clothing, baby clothing, diapers, wipes, formula, and baby items like cribs and carseats

We offer spiritual care and/or individual mother mentoring to anyone who desires it

Pregnancy Care

- Referrals to prenatal care for the insured and the uninsured

- FREE Prenatal vitamins

- Referrals for classes on breastfeeding and nutrition

Spiritual Care And Support

- MotherHeart mentors assigned to moms through pregnancy and any amount of time after, determined by the mentor (mentoring is optional)

Practical Resources

- Car Seats

- Pack and Plays

- Baby clothing up to size 2T

- Diapers up to size 6

- Formula

- Baby blankets and carriers

for assistance


(614) 500-3630

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